Evan Drumwright

Evan Drumwright


I'm CEO of Dextrous Robotics, a startup that has built the fastest bimanual robot ever. We're applying this robotic system to logistics tasks that require manipulating diverse objects in constrained spaces.

I've been an entrepreneur, an industrial researcher, and an academic.

I've created lots of robotics software that people use, including Drake (I developed the simulator, designed the event systems framework, and co-designed and engineered the hydroelastic contact model, among many other contributions), Moby, and Ravelin.

I have been fortunate to apply my work to multiple groundbreaking robots, including ASIMO, PR2, Kuka Iiwa, and HyQ.

I discovered the first polynomial time model for simultaneous impacts between rigid bodies, the first quadratic time algorithm for inverting generalized inertia matrices, and the first algorithm for computing inverse dynamics under the rigid contact model.

I graduated in 2007 from USC with a Ph. D. in Computer Science (Robotics) under Maja Mataric'.

Contact info

edrumwri at gmail dot com.